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Traffic Violation


People do not realize the affect traffic tickets can have on your driving privileges and your finances. You often hear people say "Oh its only one ticket, I will pay the fine and take the two (2) points".  One ticket can lead to a second and the a third. If you accumulate enough points, your driver's license can be suspended or restricted.  It will also lead to increase in your insurance rates.  If you accumulate enough points, you will also be assessed driver responsibility fees from the Secretary of State. 


Hiring an attorney could have benefits beyond saving the points and increased insurance rates.  If a ticket is abstracted to your record, it will appear on your driving record and will not help out if you receive another ticket.  Keeping your record clean helps you in future situations if you receive another ticket. A clean record can help you keep a ticket from being abstracted to you driving record.  By contacting our office,  we will meet with you to discuss your situation and come up with a strategy that meets your need and will protect your rights.


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